Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Alena's Graduation

My baby girl has officially graduated from preschool. I can't believe in just two short months she will be a kindergartner! She is growing up so fast and she can stop now. This is her formal graduation picture and one taken the day of the ceremony. Her shirt has hand prints of all her classmates on it. It was all really cute!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Family Pics 2010

Here are a few of the family pics we had taken last weekend. Our friend/aunt Kathy Ragsdale Sparks with Providential Photography took them for us and did a great job! Thanks Kathy!

Brady is Student of the Month!

I am one proud momma! Not only was Alex selected to be the 6th grade's Student of the Month in January, but now Brady was selected as May's Student of the Month for the 6th grade! His teachers had some great things to say about him and we had a great lunch with him and the principals. Way to go Brady and Alex on a great first year of Middle School! Keep up the great work!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Boys' 2010 Baseball Schedule

Here is the boys' baseball schedule for this season...

Thursday 4/22/10 @ 8:00 at Lake St Louis- Field 3
Monday 4/26/10 @ 8:00 at Progress Park- Wentz
Thursday 4/29/10 @ 8:00 at Progress Park- Wentz
Monday 5/3/10 @ 8:00 at Progress Park- Wentz
Tuesday 5/11/10 @ 8:00 at New Melle- Field 1 (if anyone want to come to our house for dinner before the game, let me know)
Thursday 5/13/10 @ 6:00 at Lake St Louis- Field 1
Thursday 5/27/10 @ 6:00 at Fireman's Park- Wentz
Tuesday 6/1/10 @ 8:00 at New Melle- Field 1
Thursday 6/3/10 @ 8:00 at Progress Park- Wentz
Thursday 6/10/10 @ 8:00 at Progress Park- Wentz
Thursday 6/24/10 @ 8 at Progress (We will be on vacation & not be playing in this game)
Thursday 7/8/10 @ 8:00 at Progress Park- Wentz

Thursday, January 07, 2010

It's not a New Year's resolution, but...

I'm not going to say it's a New Year's resolution, because those never seem to work out, but as of 1/4/10 I am officially following the Weight Watchers Points Program online. So far so good, after the first week I have lost 7 pounds and really haven't felt deprived. I'm off to a great start and my hope is that by posting this on the blog where anyone in the world could follow my progress, it will make it harder to give up. I have gained 50 pounds since I started my job just over two years ago and enough is enough! The picture I have posted is of Brian and I this past New Years Eve (12/31/09). Hopefully next year at this time I will write a similiar post with a much more flattering picture and will be bragging about my tremendous success. I guess only time will tell, but I've done it before and I can do it again! Wish me Luck! On second thought, wish me WILL POWER!

Alex is Student of the Month!!!

Congratulations to Alex for being selected as one of Wentzville South Middle School students of the month for January 2010! Each month one student is selected from each team to be student of the month and Alex was selected to represent team 6A for January 2010. Each team has over 150 students so it is quite an honor and he gets to celebrate his achievement with a pizza party on Monday 1/11. Brian and I also get to attend, so thanks bud for the free pizza and for being such a great kid! Congratulations, Alex!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!!

Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2009. We all did had a lot of fun, although I am personally glad its all over. Alena was very excited about her big dollhouse Santa brought her and the boys will be playing the 10 new Wii games they got for many months to come. We are all completely addicted to the new Super Mario Brother Wii game and its brought many hours of family bonding time. We also got new furniture right before Christmas, which was desperately needed, although it is still in the process of being broke in. Brian finally got a GPS unit which will help us tremendously on our trip to Toronto and Niagara Falls in June! We got a lot of nice stuff, but most importantly got to share some quality time with all our family and friends. Christmas was a little crazy, but it always is and its well worth it in the end. We had 6 different Christmas functions within 2 1/2 days, so things got a little hectic but it all worked out fine.
New Years Eve was also fun. We had our usual group of friends over, minus a few who have gone through some serious transitions over the past year or so, but everyone in attendance seemed to have a good time. We ate well and drank well and were definitely merry! All the children stayed up until midnight and Brady even helped clean up after the party at 3 am! Unfortunately Brian had to work 14 hours the next day, but the rest of us enjoyed sleeping in and being lazy the rest of the day. The boys went back to school on Monday (1/4) after their long winter break and seem to be back into the swing of things. They both have had a great first semester of 6th grade, with Alex having straight A's and Brady having all A's with one B. After only three days back they already had a snow day on 1/7. Alena was upset that day that she still had to go to school and didn't get to have a "stay home day" too.

Happy Halloween 2009!

Okay so I'm a little late, but I've gotten several requests to post this pic on the blog, so here it is...the Fast Food Trio from Halloween 2009.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday, September 18, 2009

We won a PS3!

To fully appreciate this blog you may want to review a blog I wrote last year about this time. Click here to see post. After last year's amazing experience at the Wentzville "Hill of Thrills" soap box derby, we again decided to enter both of the boys in the race. Alex won his race this year after his opponent crashed, but Brady lost by a hair. Since last year we won the grand door prize of a Nintendo Wii, we lingered around after the boys were done racing to see if luck would strike again. After awhile and several delays, we finally got sick of waiting and decided to go home. About an hour later the phone rang and race officials informed us that Alex's name had again been drawn for a door prize and this time he won a Playstaion 3! I screamed so loud as I hung up the phone, Brian thought someone was injured. We were all very excited and raced back down to the park to pick up the prize. Alex told me in the car that he had been "wishing really hard" for them to pick his name. I told him to start wishing really hard that we win the lottery and I can buy him all the video games he wants! I feel a little guilty that we won two years in a row, but I think I may have the luckiest kid on Earth. He is also the same kid that won the "guess how many candy canes are in the jar" contest at the library last year. To see that post click here. So in the past year, my son Alex has won a Nintendo Wii, a Playstation 3, and 183 candy canes! I wonder if he can make a living with this some day.

Fall Ball Update

Fall Ball has not be going as well as we may have hoped. Its a much harder league with much bigger boys, but the team has gotten better as the season progresses. Scores so far are as follows...

8/24/09: Lost 24-3

8/25/09: Lost 23-1

8/31/09: Lost 18-4

9/2/09: Lost 15-0

9/8/09: Lost 12-5

9/10/09: Lost 11-3

9/15/09: Lost 11-0

9/17/09: Tied 4-4

The team is very proud of that tie! Out of the 20 total runs our team has scored so far this season, Alex and Brady have either scored or drove home the majority of those runs. They are playing well and it has been good experience for them to hit against tougher, faster pitching. Wish the outcomes would have been better, but at least they are learning something. Next week maybe we will squeak out a win!

FYI: The picture in this post is an example of the size of these boys, they are all 12 and under, but some are bigger than the coaches. Also I know my boys are on the small side, but most of the kids on their team aren't much bigger than Alex and Brady. We are definitely out of our league.